6 Must-Have baby essentials for year 1

When you’re pregnant, you spend most of your time perusing Pinterest to find things to fill your baby registry with. Everyone has input on what you need…MIL’s, moms, friends, aunts, and co workers alike. But what no one tells you is how much CRAP you end up with that you never needed. I was so overwhelmed with all the baby gear I received for Raegan while I was pregnant. Grateful, but still overwhelmed.

I learned(eventually) that I had 6 items that I absolutely, positively couldn’t live without. 

1. The Miracle Blanket. This. THIS!!! Like most mombies(mom + zombie), I was a mess when I couldn’t get Raegan to sleep. Then I discovered the Michael Jordan of swaddles. I’m no expert, but the design of Miracle Blanket provides Baby with a stronger hold to counter that pesky startle reflex the have in the first few months. It certainly lives up to its name and was the only swaddle that could contain my feisty munchkin enough for her to go to conk out. And while she fought me every time I wrapped her up in it, she slept like a baby(literally). Buy it here….now!

2. Sleep Pillow Sounds App. Most moms love white noise machines for their little ones to sleep with to mimic the sounds in the womb. That cute little giraffe that plays white noise for baby to sleep with is so precious…until your baby learns to pick it up and turn it off! Or you go out of town and forget it. I discovered Sleep pillow on such a trip and it saved my evening. This convenient app has 9 different sound options and will play all night or can be put on a timer even on the free version. It doesn’t drain your battery and is available on iPad as well.

3. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment. Nothing got rid of Raegan’s eczema like this treatment. Granted, its glorified colloidal oatmeal but hey…it’s conveniently at CVS. I also discovered it works great for diaper rash! An Aveeno bath combined with a couple drops of lavender essential oil is a recipe for a great baby sleep.

4. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. Even though I was a super quick healer(according to my OB) I couldn’t imagine the first month of mommyhood if I had to keep getting out of bed to feed Raegan in the middle of the night. My fiancĂ© and I also decided early on that co-sleeping was not for us. With the Halo swivel sleeper, not only could I get her in and out of it without waking her up but it allowed for safe but close sleep with her. This bedside baby bassinet also swivels 360 degrees, making it super easy to get in and out of bed. By far my biggest ticket baby item but definitely worth it.

5. NoseFrida. Why didn’t I invent this?! This is the smartest and grossest baby invention ever. I never thought about the fact that babies can’t blow their nose(Insert mind blown gesture here)! Even though I had to leave the sucking to Rulon because my pipes aren’t strong enough, I would recommend this to any mom or anyone shopping for a baby shower. It’s natural and the most effective way to get that icky snot out of your baby. And NO, the snot never gets to your mouth. See a tutorial here.

6. Graco Simple Sway Swing. I had this, PLUS a rock n’ play, PLUS a baby rocker…way too much. But it’s my fault; I registered for it all. These items virtually all do the same thing, and for me, the Graco swing was the best combination of the best functions. From birth to about 5 months, this was the go-to for Raegan’s naps or relax time. And we only used the sound for literally a week but it was still awesome to have. And be sure to check your Cartwheel app because sometimes Target has deals on it!

Leave your Mom must haves in the comments!

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