Easy DIY ceramic Coffee Mug

No, you aren’t having De ja vu and you’ve probably seen this tutorial before but this DIY mug project is too cute and easy of a project to pass up as a holiday gift!
If you’re like me, you have tons of presents to pick out for the holidays which equals lots of cash. This year I plan on spending the bulk of my christmas shopping on my little munchkin since she’s actually capable of opening the wrapping this year! But I can’t totally skip out on everyone else, right?! 

I orginally was looking for a way to personalize tumblers for my bachlorette party but that proved not as easy as I thought. Then I revisited the idea for Christmas and came across this DIY custom mug. 

Now when I say super cheap supplies, I mean SUPER CHEAP supplies! I made gifts for 7 people for 1.71 a piece! I bought plain white mugs from the dollar store for (surprise) one dollar a piece and these Craft pens from Michael’s for $10 and the amazing cashier gave me a coupon for 50% off! A lot of these tutorials tell you to use Sharpies but these were much cheaper.

The process is CRAZY easy and it literally took me 25 minutes to design 6 mugs, including the one I smeared and messed up…more on that later. Here are the steps to follow.
1) Get Creative! I decided to quote my coworkers favorite sayings. But be sure to let the paint sit for a couple minutes before you touch it. If you’re going to design front and back like I did, work on a few “fronts of a few mugs, then work your way back around to make sure it’s dry. 

2) Bake at 350 for 30 minutes

3) Let cool overnight and you’re done!

That’s it! These were a big hit with my coworkers so I will definitely be making a few more for a couple people.

I even had time to make one for myself 😉

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