Can a baby get a “Good Job”??

So I saw this post on Facebook and decided to share with the simple caption, “Tell ’em daycare workers!” Then, as I always do because it can be quite hilarious, I went to the picture and read the comments. I was truly shocked to see how many people thought “The nerve of them! They get their money why should they care if I’m on the phone when I come in?!” ….huh?? 
As a mom who relies on a child care facility while I and my fiance work, I find it really mind blowing that parents would take offense to your childs care taker wanting you to pay attention to your child in the evening when you pick you up. In the year 13 months that my munchkin has been in daycare, I’ve went in on the phone ONCE! And I do ALOT of business on the phone. My child’s teachers are awesome and I would never disrespect them by going in there preoccupied by a phone call. And not to mention missing out on the little glow on my girls face when she sees me walk in!
When I send Raegan to daycare, I expect for her to be loved on, engaged and encouraged to reach her full potential. Why wouldn’t I show the same courtesy when I come to take her home for the evening? I’ve even started to make a conscience effort to not be on my phone at all(or as much as I can resist the urge) when its family time. You know what happens when you don’t step away from the gadgets once and a while? You breed those data dependent teenagers that can’t put a tablet or a phone down long enough to have a convo with anyone. Hmmm…makes me wonder where they got that from?! 

Another comment that I took issue with was, “Great, now we’re breeding children that have to be narcissistically praised for the smallest achievements?”….Am I missing something? I know there is a big debate right now about teaching children this Everyone Wins mentality. I’m definitely not one of those moms that believes that every child should get a trophy for breathing, but when a little one is young enough to pull on your pant legs to imply “look at me!”, you can’t even give them that?? I’m sure these are the same parents that shove an iPad in a school age childs face and expect them to be entertained and fulfilled. 

Parents, and even day care workers, let me know if I’m missing something? Is it too much to ask that you put the phone away for 15 minutes while you pick your child up? And how do you even put a kid in a car seat while you have a phone in one hand??

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