Easter Basket for 18 month old

First let’s start by acknowledging that I bought waaayyy too many things for this little Easter Basket. But depending on your child’s age, an Easter Basket may be one of the first “gifts” they can truly enjoy opening! So I just got a little carried away but it’s ok….no judgement, right?

Anywho, let’s get to the foundation…the basket. A super cute trend this year is plush baskets! Something that can double as a toy after your tot enjoys Easter. Raegan’s Basket base was this cute sheep plush from target for $9!


To each his own but we don’t give Raegan candy. Mostly just to stop bad habits before they begin. So I stuffed some little neon plastic eggs with these new graham cracker GoldFish! I can’t wait to see her face when she opens them. 


If your little one likes books, Easter is a great time to add more books to their collection. I also added a cute little pair of bunny ears and a new bath toy. 


The best part about an Easter basket…sneaking in those cute little essentials that you were going to buy anyway! Let’s be honest; a toddler doesn’t care about getting new shoes, socks, or barrettes…but they make a cute little addition to the basket! 

I spent about $50 all together on this Basket but most of the things inside, would have been purchased anyway. Easter baskets don’t need to be expensive. Just Taylor them to your munchkin and watch their faces light up!

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