Mommy Date Ideas

Whether you are a stay-at-home mommy goddess or a working mommy-warrior, we all crave time with like minded women who know what its like to do everything for everyone else but want to enjoy ourselves once in a while. My best friends is BFFL(best friend for life) status and I love her to death but since she doesn’t have children, I’d bore with talk of poop episodes and daycare woes. For moms out there who maybe don’t have the support system some of us have, or aren’t comfortable yet leaving their children in others care, there are ways to have fun with the little ones in tow. Here are 4 ideas to bond and hang out with other moms with your mini me tagging along.

Sunday Brunch

Have your favorite moms come over with their favorite brunch dishes. Set up a kids table and a table for the moms outside in the fresh air. While the kids munch and play, you and your mom friends can chat over mimosas!

Daddy daycare 

Dad’s love to brag when they are solely in charge of not killing the kids! Let them have at it while you hangout and talk! I love the idea of setting up a football game in the backyard: Big kids(dads) versus the little ones! Mom’s can even participate and cheer for their team!

Play Gym(my personal fave)

Depending on where you are from, just about every city has an indoor play gym thats great for kids 2-12. Group text your mommy buddies and for a spur of the moment weekend play date. Best part: no clean up!

Pool Day

Cool those hot, home from school kids off with a dip in the pool this summer!  Go all out and rent a cabana decked out with snacks for everyone or grab your own couple chairs on one side of the pool and go picnic style. While the kids swim, you and the neighboorhood moms can catch up poolside with a sangria!

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